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Welcome to Garden Zone

With large activities in all agricultural branches, contracting, production and marketing it ,Garden Zone has its name in the State of Kuwait in this area of business.Garden Zone has competitve staff, specialized and well experienced engineers and skillful comptrollers in different Agricultural specializations.Garden Zone has trained labours to achieve all agricultural works which they have to do, this is clarified by enclosed attachment to work staff, as for labours there are substantial workers engaged in different projects.

As for marketing for these plants and flowers, the company has prominent name in this field whether in selling the indoor, outdoor plants, seasonal flowers and sterilized or chemical fertilizers through its various showroom..


Our main activities include:

  • Specialiasation in indoor and outdoor plants
  • Artifical plants, pots and garden tools , decorative stones
  • Outdoor furniture and fountains , garden lightings and farm supplies
  • Children playground and others.


We, as a general trading company, specialising in agriculture industry, the source and service both overseas and domestic customers. The company maintains a large in house data which enables us to quickly source commodities and materials. It is always our Endeavour that we coordinate and deal with reputed manufacturers and factories and that meets the satisfaction in terms of quality as well as price competitiveness of our end user.